Artist Statement

I am interested in the parallels between women and animals throughout history, and apply this through representations of myself and pet rabbit Lou. First wave feminism suggests the removal of all dominance in relationships, between men and women, as well as human and animal. This philosophy is impossible to practice as a caregiver to a pet, and I view my rabbit as a life partner instead. Throughout the duration of our time spent together, both myself and Lou experienced benign growths in the same location, thus suggesting our relationship was fated.


Kristina Durka is an interdisciplinary artist from Hamilton, Ontario. She has completed a BFA at McMaster University in 2017. She has exhibited across Southern Ontario, and is presently engaged in a year-long residency through McMaster University and the Hamilton Artists Inc. at the Cotton Factory. In her current practice she is exploring self-reflective work inspired by abnormal growths on the body and the relationship with her rabbit.